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AMZ Advice Centre Founder

Alex is a leading UK-based Amazon Consultant working with Businesses & Private Sellers across Europe & the USA. He set up his own e-commerce Business several years ago & founded his 'AMZ Business Academy' to teach his skills to aspiring Entrepreneurs & existing Businesses, helping Individuals, SMEs and Global Brands achieve up to £350k a month and more! 

Alex recognised there wasn't much out there in terms of professional on-going Amazon Selling Support from experienced professionals and this is what prompted him to develop the AMZ Advice Centre, to assist and support Businesses of all sizes to sell on Amazon and contacts experts as when they need them!

Alongside his day to day Training/Consultancy Programmes, he also hosts Amazon Training Programmes for leading organisations across the UK including Government Start-up Organisations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry Leaders in Amazon Selling Tools.

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